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Direct to Consumer Solutions

Direct to Consumer Merchant Accounts

As a merchant account company born from within the DR world, we know how to deliver aggressively low rates.

Forward Information Technologies is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant as a Level 1 Service Provider. Having Forward received and store the credit card data for your orders provides the merchant with the compliance required by Visa/MasterCard without any of the capital or labor costs. This is particularly important for merchants who have multi-pays, continuity orders and who need to respond to customer service inquiries involving credit card transactions.

Forward can also deliver web site development and hosting, e-commerce shopping cart development and hosting, extensive order reporting and analysis.

  • No Statement Fees
  • Only a one year agreement is required
  • You can terminate the agreement anytime without any penalty
  • Funds deposited into your account in 48 hours or less
  • Personalized service
  • Unique insight into the DR world

Credit Card Gateway

How will you get your credit card orders into the Visa/MasterCard network for processing? If you are ready to start selling and need a gateway to transmit orders to a credit card processor, we can help. We are a partner with a Visa/MasterCard certified Third Party Service Provider, authorized to format and transmit credit card transactions for processing. Rates are very competitive, the technology is secure and the service is top quality.

For those of you new to the direct to consumer business, having distinct credit card Gateways are essentially creatures of direct to consumer marketing programs where transactions come in through telemarketing orders and web sites and not typically associated with retail merchant processing, where you have card present swipes.

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